Technologies of Game Design

Game developers have a number of different software options they use to help with game development. Some languages are very intuitive or easy to use, while others are more powerful and technical to operate. I will go over just a few languages used today to help give a generalization of what will be expected of a game designer. Keep in mind the languages that are listed below are but a few options that you will have to use. Always pick the software that fits you and your background best.

One language that comes to mind is DarkBASIC. The most common use for this language is for the development of Microsoft’s DirectX and BASIC. This language comes in two flavors, the DarkBASIC which is more of a IDE, and DarkBASIC Professional which is the full featured software. DarkBASIC supports DirectX 7 while the professional version supports DirectX 8.1 and can be upgraded to support DirectX 9.0c.

Another language that Is commonly used language with be Computer-Aided Design (CAD). You have probably heard of CAD before due to its common use for designing everyday products. CAD is fully featured software that can be used to render amazing 2D or 3D images. CAD is a proven product that has been used by many professional developers to help make astonishing graphics.

These are just a few options that are offered to those who want to become a professional game designers. Though it is possible to learn these languages on your own, most people choose to pick a local community college or online university to get the proper training. Once you have mastered the language of your choice you would have made the first step to becoming a game designer.

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